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Law Offices of Joshua Kaplan - Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Intellectual Property, Business Law

Law Offices of Joshua Kaplan

Hello, and welcome to Kaplan Law Practice, LLC and law offices of Joshua Kaplan, Esq. I am an attorney for the working people and small businesses. My client base is predominantly located in Northern New Jersey and New York metro areas. However, I am licensed throughout NY and NJ. In the area of intellectual property, I represent small inventors and businesses all over the United States. Kaplan Law Practice, LLC was founded with a mission to provide competent legal services to regular people at affordable rates. To us the practice of law is not a job or a business, but a passion that is fueled by the realization that what we do is very important to out clients. The firm focuses on legal services in the field of Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Intellectual Property and Business Law.

My staff and I are dedicated to providing you with expeditions, competent and responsible service, while giving your case personal attention and time it deserves. As a small business owner I understand what is important to working people and small business owners like myself. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a call or reach out to me via chat if I am on line, and thanks again for visiting kaplanlawpractice.com. IMG_6594  

Why Kaplan Law ?

  1. You will be quoted a flat fee for most services.
  2. Unlike most law firms, the flat fee usually includes client/attorney communication.*(unless specified otherwise in writing)
  3. A small law firm and reasonable rates should not mean poor service and shortcuts. We represent all clients with dedication and zeal without regard on the size of the matter or the fee.

Asset protection, Estate planning

  1. For Estate Planning/Asset Protection, you need a responsible but independent third party, who is knowledgeable in the nuances of the law. Do not do it yourself or settle for cheap online service. You will likely come to regret it when it matters most.
  2. Do not try to file a Patent and Trademark yourself. You only have one shot, so give it your best shot! We are not a patent mill. We argue at the USPTO on behalf of our inventors and defend our draftsmanship in a way that is most advantageous to our clients.

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