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Business and Commercial Law

Here at Kaplan Law Practice, we are aware that business, and life in general, revolves around agreements, also known as contracts. A properly drafted agreement should serve as a road map and a guideline to future dealings between the parties to the contract. A detailed and well thought through contract actually serves to prevent disputes and litigation. In fact, civil disputes and court cases are brought about by terms that were omitted or adequately defined in the agreement that governed a particular transaction or relationship.

Here is a list of contracts that Kaplan Law can draft for you:

1. Business Law (includes international and domestic)
a. Operating Agreements
b. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
c. Corporate formality documents
d. Buy/Sell agreements
e. All forms of purchase agreements
f. Distribution agreements
g. Manufacturing and Installation agreements
h. contractor and service provider agreements
i. Finder/Broker/Agency agreements
j. All types of non-disclosure, non-compete agreements

2. Property Law
a. Commercial and Residential Leases
b. Equipment rental
c. All types of disclaimer agreements
d. Construction and sub-contractor agreements
e. Deeds and Deed transfers (including recordation)

3. Family Law
a. prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

4. Employment Law
a. Employment contracts
b. Service level agreements
c. Compensation agreements (including deferred compensation)
j. Separation agreements

Do not see what you are looking for? Call us, new offerings are constantly being added.

Contracts are frequently drafted informally, without assistance of legal counsel. That is a common mistake. Like any other legal field, contract laws in New York and New Jersey are complex and subject to interpretation and change. Depending on the subject matter of a particular agreement, a contract may need to contain provisions that are guided by legal principles not anchored in contract law.

Do yourself and your business a favor, don’t become the next contract horror story and get a good lawyer to represent you in negotiating and drafting your next agreement. Call Kaplan Law now and schedule your appointment.

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