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Glossary Pilot Program at the US Patent Office

Posted on Sep 05, 2014 by admin in blog news

What: This initiative began on June 2nd and will begin for six months, or until 200 petitions are granted for participation in the program. Purpose: program is exploring different application drafting styles, and to provide information regarding the meaning of claim terms. Benefits of Participation: Applications accepted into this pilot program receive expedited examination AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!!! (think, a petition to make special is between $35 and $140, petition for expedited examination between $1000 and $4000) Eligibility: program is being offered to software-related technological fields and some business method inventions. Apps must ...


Posted on Aug 22, 2014 by admin in blog news

Computer Enabled Method Patent:   Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International (US Supreme Court, June 19, 2014) At issue in this case were patent eligibility of claims drawn to a computer enabled business method. The Supreme Court held that the claims in this patent were not patent eligible. This decision does not spell the end to all business methods or computer based inventions. In fact, the decision in Alice Corp. does not change anything or introduce any new standards to the issue of what constitutes a patentable subject matter. The Alice Corp. patent described ...

Asset Protection (equitable distribution): Gift to one spouse New York.

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 by admin in blog news

New York Domestic Relations Law Section 236(B)(1)(d) defines separate property as: (1) property acquired before marriage or property acquired by bequest, devise, or descent, or gift from a party other than the spouse; (2) compensation for personal injuries; (3) property acquired in exchange for the increase in value of separate property, except to the extent that such appreciation is due in part to the contribution or efforts of ...

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