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Medicaid Application / Elder Law


Medicaid: who needs one?

Medicaid is funded and regulated by the state, administered by your county and is used to fund nursing care, nursing home came and other forms of long term care.

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is resource based and is therefore available for young and old, provided that rigorous qualifications are met.

There are many different types of Medicaid programs available. Kaplan Law Practice focuses on institutional Medicaid available for elderly and disabled. While you do not need an attorney to apply for Medicaid, having an attorney working on your side may improve outcome. Kaplan law has experience and expertise in the area and charges mostly flat non-hourly fees for services in this area

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning focuses on ensuring that asset ownership will not prevent you from qualifying for benefits should those become needed.

If you are still relatively young and in good health, it is wise to explore medicaid planning before it is too late. If you are responsible for a disabled adult or child, Medicaid benefits may be your only choice.

How can Kaplan Law Practice help with Medicaid Planning?

Here is what we can do if you do not yet need Medicaid, but may need to apply in the future

  • Asset analysis – to determine your chances of qualifying for Medicaid
  • Estate Plan Review – to determine if your existing estate plan will hurt or help in applying for Medicaid
  • Recommend and Create Trust and other other planning structures, – to legally reduce the value of assets you are holding
  • We will assist you with providing for the well being a disabled individual through forming Special and Supplemental Needs Trust arrangements (to accommodate contributions that are outside ABLE Act provisions)


Kaplan Law can Assist with the Following


  • Consultation on Medicaid Eligibility
  • Assistance with Document Assembly Required for a Medicaid Application
  • Pre-application Permitted Asset Transfers
  • Kaplan Law will Apply on Your Behalf – full prosecution support upon application – all New Jersey counties supported

Disclaimer: Opinions and Assessments provided by Kaplan Law Practice may only be used for informational purposes. Only the appropriate Division of Human Services, and the court of appropriate jurisdiction may make a determination of eligibility. Kaplan Law does not guarantee a successful outcome.

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