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Intellectual Property: Patents/Trade Secrets

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Think You Have a Good Idea of Discovered a New Invention?

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Ho We Can Help:

We are on your side and we try to help you turn your idea into an asset that will work for you. We can help you with your idea or invention in the following manner:

  1. Explain the patent process and you can obtain patent pending status;
  2. Offer our assessment of your chances in securing a patent;
  3. We can immediately begin taking steps to secure your patent rights;
  4. We can assist with referrals to engineers and manufacturers.

Did You Know?

  1. patent pending status is achieved as soon as the application for a design patent or a utility patent is filed;
  2. A patent pending status does not mean that you have a patent, but it does mean that you have started taking steps that may eventually result in a patent being issued on your invention;
  3. While an application is patent pending, you may not petition for a court order to stop infringement (injunction), but you may put an infringing party on notice of your patent application, and once your patent issues, you may be able to recover a reasonable royalty for the patent pending period, treble damages for all infringing activity occurring after the issuance of a patent and an injunction.
  4. Filing a provisional utility application for a patent is faster and less formal than filing a non-provisional utility application. You also have more time to decide whether to convert the provisional application in a US only application or an international application (PCT).

Who We Are:

We are patent attorneys. At Kaplan Law Practice, we focus on turning good ideas into protected inventions. While there are no guarantees, a good idea gives rise to a great business opportunity. A great business opportunity leads to financial success and security for you! But beware, success breeds knock-offs, and that where a patent is going to be critical.
A patent provides exclusive rights to manufacture or sell your patented product or service. If anyone tries to steal your idea, they will face stiff penalties and will likely end up reimbursing you for your legal fees in enforcing your patent

Once a patent is issued, or even during the examination phase of your patent application, you may, if you choose to, license your invention for use by others. Licensing can be exceedingly lucrative. But the right agreement is essential. If this describes your situation, call us right away! When opportunity knocks on your door, we can harness it for you with effective contracts.

If you use or plan to use your invention to generate income, it needs to be protected with a patent!

Do not be tempted to conclude that your idea is too simple, too complex, has limited application or distribution potential. If you can turn your invention into a revenue producing product, then you can be sure there will be others looking to do the same with your  idea. To discourage knock offs, you need a patent. A patent gives you exclusive production, importation and distribution rights for the first 20 years from filing (utility patent).

How much does a patent cost?

Less than you think, and probably less then what our competition charges. We will work with your budget and do our best to ensure that you have access to patent protection on your invention. So do the right thing and include intellectual property into your startup costs. It may turn into a very valuable investment.

More About Our Patent Practice

At Kaplan Law Practice, the experienced attorneys understand that an idea is one of the first steps to a successful venture.

It is a fact that having a patent, or even a pending application for a patent, significantly increases your chances of raising capital, securing investment or finding production and distribution venues. However, we understand that the startup phase is almost never synonymous with cash flow. But do not worry, we will still work very hard to get you the best patent you need to establish and safeguard your enterprise, and we will make every effort to keep our rates affordable. Flat fees and payment plans are available in most situations. Do take a minute to contact Joshua Kaplan of Kaplan Law Practice, to discuss your chances of obtaining a patent that you need and deserve. The firm maintains offices in Fair Lawn, New Jersey (Bergen County) and on Midtown Manhattan. So getting an appointment is never a problem.


Trade Secrets

Did you know that a Patent is not for everyone? That right, sometimes your idea is better protected if it is kept a secret. There are other ways of protecting your invention without having needing a full public disclosure. However, one must be careful when trying to maintain and enforce trade secrets. Contact Kaplan Law Practice, LLC., today to discuss your options. Note that because of the nature of patent law, our patent practice extends beyond New York and New Jersey, to the other 48 states.

Prior Art Analysis

  • In an effort to save you money and time, it is recommended that you perform a prior art search before filing a patent application. At Kaplan Law Practice. LLC., we perform thorough world wide searches to determine the state of the art relevant to your invention. We keep the search fee artificially kept low to encourage you to make prior art research a priority in your due dilligence.

Patent Drafting, including Diagrams

  • Kaplan Law Practice LLC., will work with the inventor on a one-on-one basis do develop an accurate description that does not compromise the overall scope of your future Patent. Over the years, we have developed a unique approach to patent drafting and diagramming that results in broad and varied patent applications. To further save you money, we will accept your diagrams in exchange for a fee reduction, provided that these diagrams satisfy formal requirements and accurately depict your invention.

Due Diligence Studies.

  • Please contact us today if you are planning a business venture or setting up manufacturing or importation of products! Not doing sufficient due diligence research in the initial stages of a venture has entangled many promising ventures businesses in litigation and expensive patent infringement lawsuits. If found to be infringing, you may be forced to pay heavy damages, all legal fees and be required to cease the infringing activity. Furthermore, in some cases, importation of infringing goods is a federal crime. A simple due diligence study can guide your business around such potential catastrophes or can put you on alert for possible future legal battles.

Responses to Patent Office Rejections.

  • Joshua Kaplan, Esq., will work with the Patent Office to obtain a Patent which works for you. At the same time, we try to minimize filing costs by being prompt and efficient, and by exercising sensible strategy which achieves results.

US and Foreign Patent Applications, PCT

  • For those planning an international venture, it is advisable to invest in a foreign patent application. To create your international patent portfolio, attorneys at Kaplan Law Practice, LLC., will take care of all filing work and will coordinate with foreign counsel to ensure that all international requirements are met. You do not need worry about making long distance connections or searching for legal help abroad. You only need to deal with us, and we handle the rest for you.

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