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Intellectual Property: Trademarks

Trademark Attorney NYC
You business name, or slogan are just as important to your venture as a good business plan, only more so. While all plans are meant to be changed, it is far more difficult to change a business name, especially after establishing brand name recognition, a following or loyalty. A registered trademark is critical in defending your name and reputation against copycats, squatters and imitators. But even in the beginning stages, before investing capital into promotional materials or establishing an internet presence, it is important to ensure that the trademark chosen will not need to be changed a short while later.

Do not be tempted to do this yourself. Seek advice of an experienced attorney, such as Joshua Kaplan, Esq., of Kaplan Law Practice. LLC. Joshua Kaplan, Esq., has built his trademark expertise from case study and real world experience. Let the professionals at Kaplan Law Practice, LLC., a Fair Lawn, New Jersey based law firm, guide you through the treacherous process of obtaining and maintaining a registration for your trademark. Note that because of the nature of the trademark law, our trademark practice extends beyond New York and New Jersey, to the other 48 states.

Trade Name Registrations

  • A registration provides trade mark protection across all 50 states.
  • A trademark can also be registered internationally. Please contact Kaplan Law Practice, LLC., to find out how.

Due Diligence Studies

  • Do not go into business without researching existing use of a trade name or trade dress. It may end up costing your a lot more than just initial capital. Call us if you wish to register or purchase a domain name, or if you wish to import goods from abroad. Remember, not knowing about a publicly accessible information is not a defense, so play it safe and contact the Trademark attorneys at Kaplan Law Practice, LLC.

Responses to Trademark Office Rejections

  • Joshua Kaplan. Esq., at Kaplan Law Practice LLC., will guide your patent registration from inception to issuance. Although success is not guaranteed, a properly planned initial filing should avoid most prosecutorial pitfalls. However, if you have registered the mark on your own, or with another attorney, we will be more than happy to review your case and assist you in your efforts to procure registration for your mark.

Trademark Infringement Practice

  • Cease and desist letters.
  • Priming your case for litigation (Kaplan Law Practice, LLC will partner with litigation specialists should a need for a lawsuit arise)

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