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Urgent Will & Estate Services

If you have found yourself in an EMERGENCY situation, either about to embark on a long trip, or undergo a serious medical procedure, and YOU DON’T HAVE A WILL, A POWER OF ATTORNEY, or A HEALTHCARE DIRECTIVE, keep reading:

Kaplan Law Practice stands ready and willing to set up a short notice appointment or come out to your location in NJ and NYC areas and vicinity. A 24 hour notice is helpful but not required! Call 201-773-0776 for availability in your area.

We will provide the following:        

  1.  Last Will & Testament
  2.  Power of Attorney (limited or broad)
  3.  Living Will
  4.  Advance Directive aka healthcare proxy or living will


*If you cannot make it to our office, we will come to you. Making house calls at:

  1.  Hospitals
  2.  Hospices
  3.  Nursing Homes
  4.  Residences


Flat fees available!


*Terms and Conditions:  House calls by an attorney are subject to availability. A service charge may apply. Please call for details. In an effort to protect the health and welfare of our personnel, we ask that you disclose whether you are sick or are suffering from a contagious disease, or whether your location is subject to a dangerous condition that a visitor needs to be aware of.


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