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You are visiting the website maintained by the USPTO patent trademark attorney. USPTO stands for United States Patent and Trademark Office. Are you looking for help with Patents? Did you receive correspondence from the USPTO and don’t know what to do? Call Us Now! You can also use the “Get a Free Quote” feature located on this page for immediate telephone assistance. Kaplan Law Practice is a USPTO Patent Trademark Attorney. To be a USPTO patent trademark attorney a firm must be certified to be able to represent clients before the USPTO in matters involving patent law.



If you have landed on this page in error, and are looking for the Patent office of the United States please click here to be forwarded to the USPTO webside.


Think you have what it takes to get a patent at the USPTO? Remember, to be eligible for patent protection, subject matter must be:

a) New

b) Useful

c) Machine, Process, Manufacture or Composition of Matter


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So what does USPTO patent trademark attorney do?

A patent attorney must be certified by the USPTO to represent clients before the USPTO. This certification is often referred to as the “Patent Bar” (as opposed to the New York State Bar or New Jersey State Bar). A prerequisite to holding a patent bar, the attorney or agent must have sientific background and show that they will be able to comprehend the subject matter described to them by the client. A patent attorney focuses on transforming a patent application into an enforceable patent.

This includes:

a) Drafting a patent application
b) Associating valuable and sustainable claims with the patent application
c) Defending those claims from counterarguments (a/k/a Office Actions) made at the USPTO.

In some cases, patent protection should be exteded to mulple countries. International patent practice is especially confusing and costly. Having a qualified patent attorney on your side will significantly improve your chances in securing sustainable and enforceable patent rights.

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