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Probate Litigation Lawyer in Bergen County, NJ

An experienced probate litigation lawyer in Bergen County, NJ may have some guidance on how to select a guardian for your children. Anyone with young children goes to great lengths to ensure their long-term well-being. Part of caring for your children involves assigning a guardian to raise them when you can no longer do so yourself. Kaplan Law Practice put together the most important things to consider when selecting your child’s legal caretaker.

Ability to Comfortably Interact

Suitable guardians do not necessarily have children of their own, but they should feel comfortable around them. Adults who feel at ease interacting with children:

  • Physically get down to children’s eye level when speaking with them
  • Use age-appropriate language
  • Ask permission before touching them
  • Don’t mind children interrupting them mid-sentence
  • Volunteer to babysit
  • Show sensitivity to children’s emotional and physical requirements

Someone who is at ease around your children will ensure that your children feel safe and secure.

Financial Stability

A guardian’s financial circumstances can significantly impact your child’s future. It is not enough to love or enjoy being around your children; a guardian must have a stable job and the ability to provide your children with the level of food, shelter, and enrichment that matches what you offer. A probate litigation lawyer in Bergen County, NJ has likely seen families going into debt after a loss in the family. Choose wisely in order to avoid ending up in a common unfortunate scenario.

Religious Compatibility

When considering guardian candidates, it is necessary to consider how their religious, political, and moral views will influence your children. Although everyone has a unique way of seeing, understanding, and interpreting the world, you should consider those individuals whose thoughts and beliefs align as closely as possible to those you want to instill in your children.

Education Level

Although a possible guardian doesn’t need to have advanced education, choosing someone who places the same value on your children’s education as you is beneficial. Whether you prefer a public, private, or religious school education for your children or you want to ensure that they attend the college of their choosing, someone you prioritizes learning as you do will be more likely to fulfill your wishes.


There are pros and cons to choosing guardians with life experience and those starting their life’s path. For example, experienced individuals may have more significant financial resources and stability than others. Alternatively, guardians in an earlier life stage may be more energetic and remain in children’s lives well into adulthood.

Family Status

Guardians’ family status influences childrens’ upbringing. For example, married couples who share child-rearing responsibilities will impact their children differently from single parents who rely upon alternative childcare resources. Couples with children or planning to have them can provide your children with family relationships and companionship in their age group.

Kaplan Law Practice understands that putting your child in the best hands is a big decision. Speak with a probate litigation lawyer in Bergen County, NJ for more advice about what to consider when selecting a guardian for your children.

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