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Thank you for considering Kaplan Law Practice, LLC., a Fair Lawn NJ based law practice, to handle your legal matter. Our law practice is focused on Patent drafting and prosecution, Trademark drafting and prosecution, Copyright registration, all aspects of Estate planning and Asset preservation. We also handle all types of business contract review and drafting.

Your request will be processed in the order in which it was received. However, we will make every effort to get back to you with a quote, or qualifying questions, by the next business day. Please do not use this portal to ask a question regarding a legal issue or to request a legal opinion. Instead, do not hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation in the privacy of our office.

The price that you will be quoted is good approximations of the amount that you should expect to be charged for your situation. This price may change based with changing circumstances or with discovery of previously unknown facts. In law there are very few instances that are completely and precisely repeatable. Therefore, price quotes rely heavily on requested services in light of any specific facts that you provide with your request. It is in your best interest to be clear, concise and honest.

Remember, a sound legal advice is not an expense, it is an investment.

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