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Experienced entrepreneurs are often extremely skilled in negotiating deals and contracts. In fact, many New Jersey business owners navigate local and state regulations with surprising skill, even without the assistance of an attorney. However, there are times when hiring a skilled business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ may be beneficial.

Business owners must consider the endless web of potential laws and regulations that may apply to any project. From the laws concerning energy-efficient buildings to the various municipal codes of local towns, both large and small, there are many ways a business can overlook key issues. The following includes three brief examples of problems that can arise without a lawyer.

No. 1 – Spot the Little Stuff

Consider a contract involving the purchase of an old commercial property. The potential buyer wants to renovate and turn it into a successful leasable property. Many old buildings still bear the signs and logos of previous businesses; but what if that building has a unique signature construction design – perhaps a built-in symbol or design characteristic that could be considered intellectual property? Forgetting to remove or alter such a design characteristic could open the new buyer to potential trademark violations. Something so subtle could easily be overlooked. Having a business lawyer involved means knowing when you may need to look into something very specific like a trademark or copyright issue.

No. 2 – Keep Emotions Out of the Bargain

Many deals have been lost overheated arguments or emotional responses. These can lead to poor decisions at the moment. Having a disinterested, informed, and outside perspective can make all the difference. A Bergen County, NJ business lawyer can work to put emotionally charged decisions in perspective. This is often highlighted in high-value probate cases where millions of dollars in business assets are on the line. Though these cases are about businesses and should be treated as such, they can become very personal when they are associated with the death of a loved one or the distribution of an estate.

No. 3 – Knowing What Courts Will Do Gives You the Upper Hand 

Not all attorneys are appropriate for helping your business grow and make sound decisions. While a business owner can interpret most state, local, and federal laws and regulations, this only tells part of the story. Many people do not realize that the majority of the law as we know it is written in the courts. A state law may look clear on its face and lead a business owner to make a crucial decision. However, he or she may not be aware of thousands of court decisions in the same jurisdiction where a different interpretation won. Without realizing it, the owner has set the business up to lose in court if the matter is ever litigated. This is yet another reason to hire experienced business lawyers who routinely assist with transactional matters and fight to represent clients in contested litigation.

If you own a small business and need to discuss contracts or other critical business decisions, contact a passionate Bergen County, NJ business lawyer today from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC. We are prepared to assist you immediately.

Business Lawyer Bergen County, NJ

Starting a business is an exciting but anxious time in anyone’s life and that can lead to needing the help of a business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ. It can be an anxiety-inducing time in your life when it comes to starting a business. You want it to be not only successful but runs smooth as well. Sadly, there are issues and uncertainties that could arise and you need to know how to protect yourself if these things ever happen. 

That is where a lawyer comes in. You want a lawyer on your team as they can help you make sure your business goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some ways that a business lawyer can help you. 

  • Choosing a Suitable Business Structure 

You need to choose a proper business structure for your business from the start or you could find yourself with legal issues down the road. Having someone that knows how to help you structure your business is going to be key in making sure it is run as smoothly as possible. A business lawyer can also assess your business and help you understand liabilities, tax obligations, and set up costs of each business structure, and help you pick which one is best for you. 

  • Prevent Lawsuits 

Hiring a lawyer can reduce the exposure of your business from lawsuits. Now, that doesn’t mean you can avoid them all, but it gives you a better chance to avoid them. The goal is to be proactive before a lawsuit occurs. If you have stayed up to date on the laws then the likelihood of a lawsuit goes down. 

  • Drafting Contracts 

All business contracts, whether for employees or vendors, should be reviewed by a lawyer to make sure everything is how it should be. If you aren’t sure if a transaction requires a contract, a lawyer can help you. Hiring a business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ can help make sure that you understand what is going into a quality contract. 

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property 

You want to keep what you made safe. This is going to include product designs, inventions, logos, business services, any original works, and trade secrets. Protecting your intellectual property is vital to maintaining your business. You wouldn’t want someone to copy your work and claim it as their own. Depending on what type of property you have you could have a patent, copyright, or trademark filed to keep your property safe. 

  • Real Estate Leases and Agreements 

Unless your business takes place in your home, you are most likely going to have to set up shop in a building. A lawyer can help make sure that the agreement and terms on all contracts are fair to you. They can also make sure that all the fine print is known so nothing sneaks up on you. 

If you are searching for a business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ then the team at Kaplan Law Practice is ready to help you on your journey. 

When Things Get Complicated, Speak with a Business Lawyer

There are small businesses all over America. Everyday business owners make decisions, sign contracts, and perform other business functions without the help of a lawyer. When everything is running smoothly, it is great. However, sometimes complications arise and retaining the services of a professional business lawyer Bergen County, NJ residents trust can keep you from getting in over your head. That is why you should call Kaplan Law Practice, LLC today. Because we know you will want to understand whether a lawyer is right for your situation, you can set up a consultation free of charge. After reviewing your business circumstances we will be able to provide you with your legal options and you can decide how you want to proceed. Some scenarios in which you might want to hire a lawyer include:

You are being sued by a current or former employee for discrimination, retaliation, or wrongful termination.

New Jersey is an at will state, however, employees are still protected from discrimination based on their race, gender, ethnicicy, age, sexual preference, etc. You also may not retaliate against an employee for filing a workers compensation claim or for reporting work hazards to OSHA. If a former employee is alleging that you discriminated or retaliated against them, it can have long term impacts on your business, not to mention that it may cost you a lot of money if you lose. Hiring a proficient business lawyer early can help you navigate the complicated legal process. A lawyer will also gather evidence to support your case. 

Merging with another business.

At the end of the day, most businesses want to grow to increase profit and to be better equipped to provide the services or goods that you are selling. A merger is a good way to quickly grow your business and bring in expertise that you know is reliable. Yet even with the best intentions, mergers can be very complicated. Both parties in the merger will want to understand their exact roles and obligations. You will also need to decide whether you are going to buy out the other company or split stock shares and/or other earnings. When going through these negotiations, it is wise to have a business lawyer from Bergen County, NJ to assist you like Kaplan Law Practice, LLC. Their law background and experience with business negotiations will help ensure you get the best deal possible. 

A government entity files a complaint against your business or accuses your business of breaking the law.

Any time you are being investigated for violating the law, you want to get a lawyer as soon as possible. First and foremost, a lawyer will represent you and ensure that you don’t say anything that can be used against you in a court of law. They can also collect evidence to refute the claims or case being brought against you. They will know what witnesses may need to be interviewed and whether expert witnesses should be used to testify on your behalf. 

If you are looking for a Bergen County, NJ business lawyer who will fight for you, call Kaplan Law Practice, LLC now and learn how we can support you. 

When you need a business lawyer in Bergen County NJ, contact the Kaplan Law Practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re just now starting a brand new business or simply need a bit of legal advice about a business you’ve owned and been running for years, the Kaplan Law Practice has the experience you need.

Breadth of Experience

In fact they have a surprising breadth of experience in business law, including from helping new businesses get started, through contract issues and partner disputes and on through strategic planning and the proper handling of both trade secrets and intellectual property. They are also able to help you internationally.

Their wide expertise is not surprising. They’ve been helping business people in New Jersey for several decades. When you work with the Kaplan Law Practice as your business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ you’ll be working with attorneys who have the experience and dedication you want for your business.

Details, Emotion Free and Local Knowledge

You may not have recognized it yet, but you do want a business lawyer who pays attention to the details, keeps emotions out of the deal, and has local knowledge.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Business is a high intensity game; you need lawyers who can keep their own emotions in check and help you to view whatever situation comes up with a level emotion-free viewpoint.
  • The attorney’s ability to keep track of all the little details as well as the big picture assures you that nothing will slip through the cracks.     
  • The fact that Kaplan Law Practice is local, means they understand how the business game is played, in and out of the courts in Bergen County. After all, they work their day in and day out. They know the players and they know the principles in the court system. You can only benefit from this hard won local knowledge.

Contracts, Both International and Domestic

The Kaplan law firm understands just how important contracts are to businesses of all types, sizes and age. Contracts when properly drawn can set the stage for success, which is, of course, what you want.

They handle all sorts of contracts, from articles of incorporation and bylaws, buy/sell agreements, purchase agreements of all kinds and every kind of non-disclosure and noncompete agreements.

The law firm also recognizes that today’s businesses often involve either manufacturing or sales or both in the international market. They are well equipped to help you navigate these waters as well in all areas of law.

Property or Real Estate Law

It’s not surprising that the Kaplan Law Practice also has extensive experience in property or real estate law. After all, most businesses are either leasing space or own it out-right. You can count on Kaplan, the business lawyer in Bergen County, NJ to guide you through the legal issues of leasing and/or buying and selling property, Their familiarity with contracts and international law may help you in ways you don’t expect but will benefit from.

Real Estate Law and Business Lawyers 

Real estate law is a field of law in which contracts are extremely important. Land sale contracts, lease agreements, and easements are only a fraction of the types of real estate matters that feature elements of contract law. If you are in the business of investing in real estate, or you are trying to sell real property, you need to understand the basics of real estate law and contract law so you can protect your legal interests and avoid being taken advantage of by your business competitors. 

Developers and contractors also need to understand the fundamentals of business law and real estate law to protect their legal interests. Residential real estate transactions and commercial real estate transactions may require specific documents or procedures. When you are dealing with real estate law and business matters you need to speak to an experienced business lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey

Residential Real Estate 

When you want to close on a residential loan you need to adhere to the requirements of state law in New Jersey. Before any loan is disbursed the financial details regarding the property and its purchase must be made. Title documents must be secured and signed before any loan funds may be disbursed. 

If you retain an experienced business lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey you can make it more likely that you will not miss any required signings or documents related to your residential real estate transaction. You need to work on the closing documents with the help of a business lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey. A business lawyer should check every document you bring in to the office. The most important documents related to a residential real estate closing include the mortgage note, the mortgage itself, and the settlement statement which is often termed a HUD. 

Commercial Real Estate 

Commercial real estate require more paperwork because more parties are often involved in commercial real estate transactions. Environmental safety procedures must be in place before you can complete a commercial real estate transaction. Any operating statements from the past three years must also be scrutinized before a commercial real estate transaction may be finalized. 

Certified copies of all leases must also be included in the commercial real estate transaction. Documents of record regarding encumbrances, easements, restrictions, and prior agreements must also be included in the commercial real estate transaction process. 

Safety inspection reports and site reports are also essential components of commercial real estate transactions. Contact an experienced business lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey can help you with your commercial real estate transaction needs. Contact Kaplan Law Practice, LLC today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. We can help you with any legal questions you need answered regarding your business. 


Josh Kaplan is an excellent lawyer. He carefully listens to his clients and their needs and then provides the appropriate legal solutions. I strongly recommend anybody to use his services as he is very knowledgeable, honest and discreet and gets the job done within the promised time frame.

Eric C

Joshua Kaplan came immediately to the hospital when my relative was in an accident and was very helpful in expediting necessary documents which ultimately gave me the power to save My Godmother's life as she needed emergency life saving surgery and did not have a health care power of attorney prior to this accident. Mr. Kaplan was very professional as well as very caring and extremely helpful in this very stressful situation. I would highly recommend Mr.Joshua Kaplan for his legal expertise and cannot praise him enough for all his help.


My dealings with Joshua have been nothing but pleasant and the work he did for us was complete and done in a timely manner.

He was very attentive to our company's needs and gave us 110% for the work we needed completed.


We used Josh for many things. He did my patent. Wrote it quick and very through. He also did a TM and design patent for our company. I have used other Lawer for different things and have never been more happier. Josh was alway available, called us back within a day. We highly recommend kaplan law practice.

Leonora Malakh

Josh is skillful and diligent attorney that handles estates trusts in NY and NJ. So if you are looking for a lawyer to help you and guide through the complexities of probating your estate or inheritance he is capable of delivering needed results.


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