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Joseph from New Jersey

I contacted Kaplan Law Practice, because I needed to register the name of my business as a Trademark. I was very fond of the name I had chosen and did not think that it would be a problem to register. After reviewing my case, Josh, who is the attorney for Kaplan Law, candidly told me that it may be a difficult case since the name was typical of businesses that were doing the same line of work as me. He turned out to be correct. However, Josh wrote several very convincing arguments to the Trademark office, and my business name was eventually allowed.

Another reason why I chose Kaplan Law was that they quoted a flat fee upfront. The amount they quoted was they amount I paid, no hidden fees or other tricks. The price was very reasonable, considering the time and effort that Josh spent on my case. I am very happy with the result. Will
definitely use again.

Anna from Fair Lawn, NJ

Dear Kaplan Law Practice, and Joshua Kaplan I am sure you get lots of complainers. Well, I am not one of them. I am praising. I am praising your effort in putting together the estate plan that was right for me and my budget. I am also praising you for simplifying the process for me and listening to what I needed instead of presumptively selling me your suggestions.

After my husband died, I was scared to ask attorneys to prepare my will and other papers, because I did not trust them. I still don’t. But I called you anyway, because a friend of mine said that you are honest, sincere and accommodating. I am glad I listened her advice. You went to my home because I do not drive, and you quoted me a rate that while was not the cheapest, was reasonable. Also you returned my calls, regularly and promptly. I am very happy that our paths crossed. Thank you for everything.

Ted from San Diego, California

I was originally referred to Kaplan Law Practice by another attorney who could no longer handle my case. At that time, I was coming off of a very difficult experience with another attorney and had several pending patent applications with little funding to prosecute them. The situation was so bad that I pretty much gave up hope of ever getting a patent on even the most promising cases. They were all rejected and some even went into abandonment. So being referred to yet another lawyer did not give me any encouragement.

However, switching to Josh Kaplan proved to be the best thing for me. Joshua worked tirelessly to put my applications in good standing. He is a great negotiator, and examiners take him seriously. To date, several of my applications have already issued as Patents, and several additional applications have been filed, all thanks to the Josh’s efforts. Throughout our relationship, Josh always made sure that our efforts did not break my budget. I am very grateful to Josh and Kaplan Law Practice, and I would highly recommend Josh as a very competent and honest patent attorney.

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