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Common Issues With Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real Estate Problems

Buying and selling real estate is something that many people like to do. Some do it to find a home to live in, some do it to rent a purchased home out to tenants and others enjoy flipping fixer-upper properties for profit. Regardless of the purpose that you buy or sell property for, there are a lot of issues that may require the services of a legal professional. Many problems can arise with real estate transactions that may be too big to handle by yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues that come with the territory of real estate transactions.

Zoning Problems

Zoning is something that local governments use to designate specific pieces of land for certain purposes. For example, a local government may deem a certain part of land to be used for residential purposes. That means that housing structures can be built there. It doesn’t mean that a commercial business can be built there though. Other types of zones include industrial and historical. Always ensure when you purchase land or a property that it has been properly zoned and that you can use that land or property for what you desire. Not complying with zoning laws can be a legal nightmare.

Contract Issues

Rental leases, property sale contracts, purchase contracts, titles, and more are something that legal counsel can assist with. The wordings and phraseology of contracts can be complex and confusing and may not even be fully understood by one or both parties. That is where the experience and knowledge of a real estate lawyer can help out dramatically. They can assist with these complex contractual agreements and help one or both parties to understand them as best as possible. 

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Landlords and tenants always have different perspectives when it comes to a property. The tenant wishes to live in the property issue-free and complete the end of their lease. The landlord hopes for on-time payments from the tenant and that they take care of the property that they are renting. Unfortunately, there are many problems that both of these roles can get into. A tenant may not honor the lease that they signed and move out before the lease is up and refuse to pay for the remaining months. A landlord may refuse to fix a broken appliance and accuse the tenant of breaking it when the reality was that they didn’t. These are just a few of the common issues that arise between these 2 roles. A real estate litigation lawyer may be needed to help settle these disputes or even bigger issues that may arise. The legal team at Eric Siegel Law has proven experience representing clients who are facing issues related to real estate transactions.