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Reasons For Boating Disasters

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People flock to the water all across the globe. Most of us are drawn to the water and its sense of serenity. However, due to the popularity of boating, accidents involving watercraft have steadily risen over the years. As our own trust lawyer knows, this can sometimes be due to people who have just become the owner of a boat after the passing of a family member that do not know how to operate it. Unfortunately, boating accidents can cause injury and fatality to innocent people who were working on a watercraft at the time or just trying to enjoy their day outdoors recreationally. There are numerous reasons why boating accidents may happen, and they have been listed below.

Boat Operator Inattention
It’s important for boat drivers to remain vigilant and monitor their position and speed. But even the most seasoned captain can falter in judgment. Unpredictable or unsafe weather patterns and unseen objects within the water can increase the chances of a boating accident. It is crucial that boaters remain alert to avoid these hazards.

Lack of Lookout
Yachts, sailboats, and large vessels use cameras on the mast for the purpose of maintaining visibility to their surroundings. Such cameras have to be consistently working and monitored to prevent grounding or a boating collision. A lack of lookout could be what ultimately causes serious boating incidents to occur.

Impaired Driving
Those who use boats recreationally may drink while operating the boat. But similar to driving any other type of motor vehicle, a driver must be sober and paying attention at all times. Drug or alcohol use on boats is a main factor in many boating accident fatalities. For some states, if you are found to have a BAC higher than 0.08%, then you could be considered legally drunk.

Inexperienced Boaters
Anyone who drives a boat has to have received proper training beforehand. As a personal injury lawyer can attest, a boating accident can happen when someone doesn’t have enough experience or knowledge, and fails to follow appropriate protocols.

Equipment Failure
By performing maintenance on a boat on a regular basis, you can help avoid equipment failure. This makes sure that the boat is safe for operations. In fact, many boaters would say that most of the work happens when you are still at the docks. By making a checklist and examining the boat parts, and replacing or fixing issues immediately, it can greatly reduce the risks of a boating disaster when in motion.

Violating Navigation Rules
There are maritime rules for most bodies of water. Boat owners and operators must abide by these rules, or they could be found liable for a boating accident that led to tragic injury or fatality. Those who suspect that a boat operator did not follow maritime rules which caused an accident are wise to consider speaking with a lawyer, as our friends from Therman Law Offices, LTD recommend.

Vessel Waves or Wake
Big waves and wakes from boating vessels can be dangerous, particularly if they arrive upon another boat unexpectedly. Commercial fishing boats that work in the open ocean have to deal with substantially sized waves frequently, and smaller boats have to be mindful of other ship wakes and barges.