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Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

If you or a loved one is in need of an estate plan contact an estate planning lawyer clients trust to protect their future at Kaplan Law practice, LLC.

Hiring an estate planning lawyer is a wise investment in your future. The following are a few top reasons why an attorney will benefit you:

  • An estate planning attorney will assist you as you prepare and create your estate plan. There are many online templates that can be found on the internet, however, they are very general and will not meet the specific and potentially complicated needs of individualized estates. By hiring an estate planning attorney, you are ensuring your estate and all of its assets are accounted for, and properly distributed. Many feel overwhelmed, and unsure of what an estate plan entails. Your attorney will help you understand your estate as a whole and the various aspects of your plan so that you feel confident about the future of your home and assets.
  • An estate planning attorney will ensure that your loved ones are given the assets you wish them to have. Within the plan, the owner of the estate will divide and formulate a plan to distribute all that he or she owns from their house, cars, jewelry, art, and even pets. An attorney experienced in estate law can help with this process, and communicate to the estate’s beneficiaries the wishes of the estate.
  • An estate plan allows you to make decisions regarding medical directives ahead of time. Instead of waiting until it is too late to choose end-of-life care or make specific decisions regarding cremation or burial, allow your estate planning lawyer to document your wishes for you. Without a specific plan, the burden of making those tough decisions falls upon your loved ones, and cause often causes tension and discord among the family members.
  • An estate planning lawyer is well versed in state law and understands tax considerations regarding your estate plan. Each state varies in its rules and regulations of estate plans, and a Bergen County estate planning lawyer will not only follow those regulations but ensure your estate plan is following the proper state and tax considerations as well.
  • An estate planning lawyer will help provide all documents needed for your estate plan. The estate plan is made up of many important documents and can feel extremely overwhelming for a person to have to gather and create these documents. Rest assured, with the help of your attorney all documents will be accounted for, giving you peace of mind. Some of these important documents include: medical directives, living will, plans for children, bank, and retirement account information. Since your estate plan has such vital components for your future health decisions and your family’s well-being, it is recommended by estate planning lawyers to begin the process of creating your estate plan as soon as possible.

If you or a loved one feels overwhelmed by the estate planning process, contact a Bergen County estate planning lawyer clients trust to feel confident in their estate plan and in their future.