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Six Strategies for Seniors to Stay Active

There are many things that a person in their golden years should take care of. One of those things is their estate planning. Drafting a will and making sure possessions are taken care of is very important towards the end of one’s life. Knowing that possessions will go to the rightful place definitely brings comfort to anyone. 

In addition, something else that needs care is you. In our country, there is a stereotypical idea that connects aging with a lack of physical activity. For many seniors, it can be hard to escape the proliferated image of the sedentary baby boomer, coasting through the world on a motorized scooter. 

Yet, just because there is a stereotype, does not mean that seniors must follow that script! In fact, seniors are encouraged to get as much activity as they can, with the CDC recommending seniors get as much as 2.5 hours of activity each week.

This recommendation is because physical activity can help prolong quality of life, preserve muscle mass, bolster bone density, and improve balance. 

Thus, for those seniors looking to fill their two and a half hour workout, here are some great ways to stay active.

  1. Tai Chi

A regular practice of Tai Chi can aid seniors to improve their balance, stability, and flexibility. Its slow and controlled movements make it the perfect low impact activity that any senior can safely enjoy!

  1. Swimming

A trip to the local pool is a superb way for an elderly individual to fill their activity quota. The buoyancy and low gravity afforded by water are gentle on older bones and joints. This allows seniors to have the best of both worlds: they can work out their body without the added strain of gravity.

  1. Yoga

Who doesn’t love a good yoga class? Seniors can improve flexibility, aerobic ability, and muscle strength through a regular yoga practice. With an emphasis on balancing postures, yoga can even help elderly individuals maintain equilibrium in the event of a fall. 

  1. Gardening

For those with a green thumb, gardening is a great way to spend 2.5 hours of physical activity. Seniors can hone their motor skills, while simultaneously improving overall strength and wellness. As a prolonged activity, gardening can especially help bolster endurance. 

  1. Walking

For seniors, walking is the perfect workout for those looking to incorporate more physical activity in their lifestyle. It is low impact, endurance building, and can be accomplished nearly anywhere. Any walkable area can become a possible workout space, such as a local park, nearby wildlife trail, or neighborhood cul de sac.

  1. Dancing

There’s no better way to get the body moving than with dancing! Seniors can express themselves creatively while practicing their coordination, improving their flexibility, and strengthening their muscles.

If your senior loved one requires extra assistance at home, consider hiring a home health aide, today!