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Working With An Attorney On Nanotechnology Patents

Patent Attorney In the field of nanotechnology, innovation is the only way to be at the forefront. Securing a patent for these new inventions is crucial for companies and individuals looking to commercialize their ideas. Patenting nanotechnology involves protecting new and useful inventions related to nanoscale materials, devices, and systems.   Does Your Industry Use Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is utilized in almost every industry nowadays. Do you or your company innovate in any of these spaces? Medical and Biomedical: Nanotechnology is being used in the development of new medical technologies and devices such…

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Reasons For Boating Disasters

Trust Lawyer People flock to the water all across the globe. Most of us are drawn to the water and its sense of serenity. However, due to the popularity of boating, accidents involving watercraft have steadily risen over the years. As our own trust lawyer knows, this can sometimes be due to people who have just become the owner of a boat after the passing of a family member that do not know how to operate it. Unfortunately, boating accidents can cause injury and fatality to innocent people who were working on…

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Discussing Nursing Home Abuse With Family

Discussing Nursing Home Abuse With Family - Senior women giving each other high five

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer When you place your family member in a nursing home, you expect for him or her to be taken care of. Unfortunately, however, this does not always happen. In fact, some residents are mistreated in nursing homes. Signs of abuse include unexplained injuries, sudden weight loss, unkempt appearance and behavioral changes. Although the signs of abuse are not limited to physical ones. As explained by our friends at Disparti Law Group, abuse can happen when residents are taken advantage of financially while under nursing home care. If you…

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Transfer On Death Instrument Act In Illinois

Transfer On Death Instrument Act In Illinois Effective this year, 2022, Illinois has created a way to transfer real estate at death without needing to go through the probate process. In the past, a residential property owner could sign and record something called a “transfer-on-death instrument” (TODI). However, this document would only work for residential property, not commercial property. This year, though, this expanded to being able to transfer any real estate at death, not only residential. Similar to a payable-on-death or a transfer-on-death account, a TODI can have a named beneficiary…

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Types Of Conflict During The Probate Process

Types Of Conflict During The Probate Process As a trusted lawyer from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC could tell you, the probate process is a time that can bring up plenty of emotions for everyone involved, whether it is a family member who was included in the will or someone who was not. If you are about to embark on the estate planning process, whether you are hoping to create an estate plan or if you are the executor of the estate plan, it can be extremely helpful to work with a probate…

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