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The Reasons Why Your Offer Was Rejected

You find the perfect house, start creating all of your Home Décor Pinterest boards and BAM – you find out that the sellers didn’t accept your offer. Your dreams of making dinner in the beautiful farmhouse kitchen are crushed and you’re wondering what you did wrong. Well here are a few reasons your offer could’ve been rejected that can help you next time you find a house you want to write an offer on. PS – I promise your real estate dreams aren’t crushed. There will be another one! Reason #1: You’re…

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Establishing the Living Trust

Revocable Living Trust The trust is developed by a composed agreement or statement that appoints a trustee to handle and administer the residential or commercial property of the grantor. As long as you're a proficient adult, you can develop an RLT. As the grantor, or creator of the trust, you can call any competent adult as your trustee; some people prefer to choose a bank or a trust company to fill this function. The grantor can also serve as trustee throughout your lifetime. Once it's set up, you begin by positioning your…

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Family Offices and Concierge Services

Estate Planning Under the umbrella of concierge services, family offices cover such client services as travel arrangements, household personnel management, document storage, and personal shopping in addition to the traditional offerings of investing, tax planning, and estate planning. Families may turn to family offices to support their overall financial needs — to provide philanthropic planning, family education, multigenerational planning, and lifestyle management services such as a private secretary or guidance for your children. Services can be tailored and integrated to promote and preserve the identity and values of the family. You may…

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FAQs About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Trust Lawyer Bergen County, NJ

People have accidents every day. Whether you are involved in a vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall or an animal attack, accidents can happen anywhere. If you were injured, you may have to ask yourself if someone else was at fault. Is someone legally responsible for your injuries? To file a personal injury lawsuit, another person or institution must break his or her duty of care and act negligently. What Does Duty of Care Mean? One of the most common examples of duty of care involves a grocery store. If you are in a…

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New York Estate Administration Tip

Estate Planning Lawyer Bergen County, NJ

Important New York Surrogate's (Estate) practice tip for Intestate Estates You can find New York estate distribution laws in EPTL 4-1.1 - 4-1.6 ( However, if you want to be in charge, that is more difficult. This is because not everyone who inherits under EPTL is able to petition for letters of administration. To be eligible to petition, you also need to be a pretty close relative aka next of kin. Relatives who are able to petition are: a)  spouse, b) children, c) grandchildren, c) parents, d) siblings, e) aunts and uncles,…

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