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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination and Disposal Services

COVID-19 Decontamination and Disposal Service The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has created the need for many operations and organizations to address business and operational continuity concerns that are associated with suspected or confirmed infection of an employee, supplier or visitor. The pandemic has forced people to rethink how they handle potential contamination of equipment or locations. Nielsen Environmental Is just one of many services that can handle your COVID-19 decontamination and disposal service. Businesses such as Nielsen Environmental are able to partner in preplanning a response for your first business organization, or…

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The Role of Corporate in-house counsel

As you start to scale up your business, you may start wondering whether or not it is time to hire a lawyer full time to deal with your legal matters such as corporate governance, compliance, and contracts. However, hiring a lawyer may be quite expensive for an up-and-coming business. Further, an in-house lawyer may not cover the various potential issues you may need covered such as litigation.  It may be smarter therefore to have a retained counsel instead before you make the leap to an in-house lawyer. What is an in-house lawyer?…

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What Does a Probate Lawyer Cost?

What does a probate lawyer cost? The cost varies depending on factors such as billing rates, location, experience level, and type of practice. You can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $550 per hour for most attorneys practicing in this area. Some attorneys may charge by the project or retainer rather than hourly rates. The more experienced attorneys will typically charge higher fees because they have more knowledge about handling complex issues such as high-value estates. Who’s paying? The probate lawyer's fee is paid for by the estate, so it does…

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Do I Need a Will?

“I don’t really have any assets.” “I don’t need a Will because I don’t have a taxable estate.” “I don’t need a Will because everything I own is owned jointly or has a beneficiary designation.” “I put everything in a Trust, so I don’t need a Will.” These are common objections given by clients who do not wish to have a Will prepared. And they have often prevented clients and their families from being adequately protected when that protection is most needed. Here are some reasons why everyone should strongly consider having…

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How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me?

Sometimes life leads people into financial difficulties that prove almost impossible to overcome. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney - including those who practice at The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches - can confirm, even the most fiscally responsible Americans can find themselves in need of significant debt relief through no fault of their own. Declaring bankruptcy is one way to effectively deal with many kinds of debt that may be proving impossible to pay off.   Self-Filing Versus Working with an Attorney If you don’t earn much income, you may qualify to…

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